Gifts are in the air!!

TryHackMe is giving out tickets (offer till 15 July), 3 of the same kind can make you win a BIG prize. WOWW!!!!
Reward for the hardwork!!

prizes list

So what is this TryHackMe??

TryHackMe is like a dream come true for people willing to learn cyber security from scratch. People who have 0 idea in what is cyber security or people who work in the field, both use this for learning. It has various learning paths which are both free as well as a subscription based. (Subscription is $10, but $8 for students.)
80% of the content is free. But the free content is really really good. And did you know it is ALL from your browser. You don’t even need to download the Virtual Machines in your machine, they are provided to you by the site itself. Isn’t it lovely?!!

There are 544112 members registered on the site (as on 7 July 2021). 1 being me (#specialfeeling)

I personally love this site a lot, I got to know about this while watching a YouTube video. Then I signed up on this site in October/November (I don’t exactly remember lol).

It’s absolutely crazy site, it has labs + teaching material which people from all over the world have made (Even you can make).

I got my eJPT back in 9th March 2021. The material I used to practice was ONLY the labs on THM and the official PTS course as a revision.
THM can teach you so much for free which won’t be found in paid courses.

You can sign up now using my referrer link : (This will help me a lot)

The Special Tickets

You may be wondering what do I mean by tickets.

THM is giving away gifts worth $5k to those who work hard to learn, which includes :

- 30x One Month Subscription voucher worth $10 each
- 15x Swag Vouchers worth $20 each
- 5x Throwback Voucher (It is an Active Directory lab) worth 60$ each
- 10x Three Month Subscription Voucher worth $30 each
- 2x Comptia Security+ Vouchers worth $275 each
- 2x OSCP Vouchers worth $1000 each
(More to be added)

So basically its like a gift you get after completing a room in THM
For example this room. You will only get the tickets if you solve the room in the PRE-SECURITY path, which can be found here :
Complete rooms from the Pre-Security path to earn tickets, get 3 of the same ticket to win a prize. For more information on the ticket promotion, click here.


These are the prizes that can be won. My luck didn’t get me what I was hoping to win :(

This event is valid till 15th of July

Take this as a motivation and work hard to complete all the rooms, if you didn’t get any prize, don’t demotivate yourself, there is always a win win in this case you will win a TON of knowledge.


After you complete it you get a ticket (2 if you are a subscribed user). Using these tickets you can win prizes. Wish you good luck!!

tikit : This will give you a basic idea of what I mean.

What is this Pre-Security path all about?

The Pre-Security path is divided in 5 categories, each with a different learning objective.

Cyber Security Introduction

This module has 1 room which will make you understand the important technical fundamentals you need to know in order to succeed in this wonderful field.

Networking Fundamentals

One of the most important aspect in cyber security is Networking


Networking is very important as it teaches how computers interact with each other, how data communicates, which protocols do the common web services use etc etc etc.

CMNatic and AdamTLangley have spent a lot of time making it. I loved the rooms a lot. They are really informative.


This section will teach you about Networking, LAN, OSI model, Packets and Firewalls.

You will learn a lot by completing those rooms.

How the Web Works

How the web works

This module will teach you about the basics of websites, how they load, how they work etc.

They build up your basic skills to become a sucessful Cyber Security Expert. They will explain you how DNS works, how they load up the website and the entire process by how websites load up to you, how does the HTTP protocol work etc etc.. REALLY interesting

(Some may require a subscription, only 2 or3. While all others in the path are free ones!!!)

Linux Fundamentals

Linux Fundamentals

This module will teach you about basic linux commands. Guess what, ALL ROOMS IN THIS MODULE ARE FREE!!!!!

The first room teaches you about basic commands on linux regarding how to create a file in linux, Navigate around the files etc.

The second room teaches you about File Permissions, Common Directories, Interacting with Files etc.

The third room teaches you about the System Processes, Package Installations, Logs, Text Editors in the Terminal etc.

Windows Fundamentals

All rooms in this section are again FREEE!!!!!!!

This section will teach you basics of Windows OS in a really simple way!

The first room will teach about the UAC, Task Manager, Windows File system etc.
The second room will teach you about the Resource Manager, System Configuration, Changing UAC settings etc.

After you solve all these wonderful rooms, you get a certificate, which says that YOU have worked hard and completed the PATH. Below is how my certificate looks like.


It looks like its gonna be really hard right?

Absolutely not, these rooms are made in such a way that make it REALLY EASY to learn and understand the concept.
With hard work and dedication anything can be achieved.

And you can learn it any time. You can take as much time as you want to learn a specific topic (If it is a subscription only room, you wont be able to access it after the subscription ends)

THM staff and community members have made this vast information available for us in a easier way :)

Could you imagine so much of FREE goodies?
It is just awesome how they have done it!
It is possible for us to learn Cyber Security in a Easy and Guided way!

Wish you luck with your career in Cyber Security!!
Thanks a lot for reading my blog ❤

Work Hard and You Shall Succeed.

Don’t forget to signup using my referrer link to support me :) , Thanks!!

Would be great if you use my referrer link to signup :

Hope you enjoy learning on the website and accomplish your dreams!!!!!!

Join their official discord server to know more :




Hi, I’m Aksheet. Interested in Cyber Security and Aviation. eJPT certified

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Aksheet V

Aksheet V

Hi, I’m Aksheet. Interested in Cyber Security and Aviation. eJPT certified

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